You can only follow our dance programme after a successful audition. During your audition, we will not only assess your technique, coordination and musical aptitude, but also examine your physical suitability and your potential career in (neo)classical and contemporary or modern dance.
You will find the admission options below, along with further explanations.

Did you pass the final audition or the dance exam at our preparatory primary school Prins Dries?
Once you have passed the dance exam or the auditions, you are welcome to study at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp.
You can now enrol in our school. As for all secondary schools in Antwerp, you need to register via ‘Meld je aan Antwerpen’ (Register in Antwerp), so that the school can register and process your registration.Because the ‘Meld je aan Antwerpen’ system does not take suitability tests into consideration, in exceptional cases it is possible that you will receive a refusal from the city of Antwerp. That is not a problem and you can still enrol in the school.

What happens after registering with ‘Meld je aan Antwerpen’?
When the registration period for the ‘Meld je aan’ system has expired, we will send you the registration documents by e-mail. Please fill them in, sign them and send them back to us by e-mail or post. This completes the student’s registration process.

What happens next?
Before the start of the new school year, you will receive further information about the Royal Ballet School Antwerp by e-mail: the school regulations, the basic curriculum for the new school year, the annual schedule, a list of essentials and an invitation to the welcome day for new pupils. Pupils and their parents are then given more information about how the school operates and can ask any questions they may have. The welcome day takes place on the last day of the summer holidays.