Royal Ballet School Antwerp


Do you dream of a future in dance?

Every dance career begins with a dream. Children and adolescents who wish to follow their dream and make dancing their future need to start in good time. That's why we offer training programmes that combine regular primary and secondary education with dance tracks for children and adolescents aged  8 to 18.

The Royal Ballet School Antwerp organises a secondary education programme combined with a full-fledged dance programme for students aged 12 to 18. Students who did not follow a preparatory programme at Prince Dries can enrol through an audition. If you are enrolled at Prins Dries primary school and follow the dance lessons of the Royal Ballet School Antwerp there, you do not have to do an audition. However, you must pass your dance exam with Prins Dries at the end of the sixth year. Our students are prepared for an (inter)national dance career. Students who do not achieve the dance objectives are advised to reorient in good time.

Do you still feel unready for a professional career after your sixth year of secondary education at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp? Don’t fret, the follow-up year can help you perfect your skills! You will be able to further develop your dance skills in this seventh year.

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