Follow-up year RBA (18 - 20 year)

The follow-up year at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp is a bridge between our professional dance programme and a professional dance career. It is a unique programme that prepares young, talented dancers for professional practice after their sixth year of secondary education.

The seventh year is aimed at both young people with a classical education and students specialising in contemporary dance. Guest teachers and choreographers of both dance styles will give instructive workshops during this seventh year, keeping you up to date with the most recent developments in the dance world.

In this follow-up year, you will acquire additional dance skills. Our close collaboration with the Royal Ballet of Flanders gives you the opportunity to further develop your talents and skills and gain more stage experience. It is an intensive and physically demanding year. Therefore, drive, motivation, dedication, passion and perseverance are required.

During the follow-up year you will also become acquainted with the organisational side of dance performances. This includes lighting, sound, scenery, coming to agreements with theatres and so on. At the Royal Ballet School Antwerp, we train versatile dancers to a world class level. The follow-up year will strengthen your starting position as a professional dancer on the culture employment market.