Objective of the Royal Ballet School Antwerp

The Royal Ballet School Antwerp began with the dream of its founder Jeanne Brabants. She wanted to set up a ballet school and ballet company for children and young adults aspiring to a professional career in dance. She sought to put ballet on the map not only in Flanders, but even nationally and internationally. It was this vision that gave rise to the Prins Dries educational programme, the Royal Ballet School Antwerp and then the Royal Ballet of Flanders. Our goal is to continue pursuing this dream and to contribute to the cultural preservation of ballet in Belgium.

National and international status

The Royal Ballet School Antwerp offers a recognised ballet programme at the national and international levels and has a reputation of excellence. The entire training programme (Prins Dries / Royal Ballet School Antwerp) is recognised and highly valued thanks to its direct link to the professional dance world (the Royal Ballet of Flanders).