Audition procedures

You can only follow our dance programme after a successful audition. During your audition, we will not only assess your technique, coordination and musical aptitude, but also examine your physical suitability and your potential career in (neo)classical and contemporary or modern dance.

Procedure A: You wish to enter through live audition

You can register for one of the pre-auditions we organise every spring. You are welcome to showcase your talent to a jury of dance experts at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp. After your audition, you will be notified as soon as possible whether you may proceed to the final audition, which usually takes place in May. 

After the final audition, we will let you know if you are welcome to enrol in the following school year at the Royal Ballet School. We will also explain why you passed or failed your audition.

It is important to know that you do not require any ballet technique or ballet experience to take part in the auditions for the first grade. You will be judged on your physical abilities, talent and potential alone. 


Procedure B: You wish to enter through video audition

You can also enrol at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp through video audition. To do this, you must submit a video, which the artistic director will be the first to assess. If you receive a positive evaluation, you will participate in a lesson of your future school year as a final audition. If this final audition is also evaluated positively, you may enrol in the next school year at the Royal Ballet School.

When the video file is sent (best via online watching, youtube or vimeo), please transfer the amount of 25 euros to the account below. the video will only be judged when the entry fee has been transferred.

Ballet Institute Flanders vzw (account holder)
Lange Gasthuisstraat 15
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Belfius - Pachecolaan 44 - 1000 Brussel (bank branch name)
IBAN: BE48091017353127 (account no)
Mededeling: Name + Audition Royal Balletschool of Antwerp

Phase 1: Video selection

(Inter)national students who would like to register for the audition are obliged to send audition photos and video. (Deadline May 15th)

Submissions wil be assessed as of February 20th, and onwards.

Phase 2: Integration

Pupils who have passed the first selection will receive an invitation to integrate into the dance lessons of the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. A final decision will be made about admission to the training.